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Ronan Lynagh talks to us about handling uncertainty, building resilience and being entrepreneurial in your career in this week’s podcast. We chat about growth mindset and how we measure success as well as the evolution of his own career.


Key takeaways

[12:05] Having constants outside of work, like hobbies and friends, can help you cope with change, uncertainty and times of transition.

[16:45] The benefit of not being too narrow with your focus is being open to opportunities you might not have even thought or known of.

[19:00] Ronan’s advice for people who want to change career path:

  • You can be entrepreneurial about your career
  • Expose yourself to your passions and interests in ways that challenge you

[22:35] Tips on building resilience:

  • Think about what you expect of yourself
  • Know your own moods and states and how to recognise when you need support
  • Have things that you enjoy doing for yourself and recognise their benefit
  • Its not just about how quickly you get back up but being okay with not being okay
  • Keep things in perspective, don’t get too caught in the moment

[26:30] Growth mindset – the idea that it’s not about what talent you’re born with but the effort you put in and that you can always improve. How we measure and value success.

[28:45] Outputs or results can be out of our control in some respects. But you can control your effort you put in and that can’t be taken from you.

[30:50] Three pieces of advice on using a growth mindset to help you achieve your goals:

  • Progress over perfection
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Surround yourself with good people with values similar to your own


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