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Jake MccGwire, Kevin Murray, and Zachary Diebold from TicketChain, a digital ticketing platform, talk to us about the start-up ecosystem in Ireland, how to expand your network and make new connections, and why the perfect time to launch a start-up is when you’ve just left college.


Key takeaways

[5:17]  It’s important to know that you have to adapt as you understand the market better

[8:17] Advice on reaching out to people: use direct message on LinkedIn, providing you have a valid reason for wanting to meet them and asking for their advice most people are very helpful and will give you 15 mins of their time

Every meeting you go to is a possible second or third connection made. It’s all about making those small warm connections.

[10:09] You need to carefully prioritise the things you can achieve in a certain amount of time. You have no one sitting over your shoulder telling you what to do next.

Being open to changing your idea is really crucial

[22:15] If someone who has no idea about your product can understand your pitch then it’s good, if not then you need to look at it again.

[26:35] It’s great to have the support of startup programs but also important to keep focusing on the customer, your market and your product

[27:44] There is never a better time to try a startup than when you’ve just graduated, there is nothing to lose.

[29:08] Top 3 pieces of advice:

  • Talk to as many people as possible and find out if your idea is actually any good, including potential customers and people in the industry, not just friends and family. 
  • You need to be open to changing the idea once you get the feedback and new information.
  • Having a team is hugely important.

Many VCs will only ever invest in a startup if it has a team of at least two people. Having a team fills skill gaps, shares the workload and pressure, and gives you a bigger network.

People invest in teams


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