October 17, 2017 Laura 0Comment

Peter Mangan, founder of The Freebird Club, talks to us about social entrepreneurship, the importance of the double bottom line and creating a global community with a platform offering social travelling and home-stays to mature adults.


Key Takeaways

[0:47] By 2025 one third of Europeans will be over the age of 60

[3:27] Starting a business is a creative process

[3:50] Initial challenges include getting the right people around you, finding the money to get started and getting the first few customers

[12:25] It’s important that investors are also interested in the vision of the company

[14:00] It’s essential to be adaptable and flexible when things are progressing rapidly

[14:50] Planning for growth is important, you need to be able to service the business properly as it grows to keep customers happy

[15:45] There are increasing opportunities to get grant funding for social enterprises, which give credibility as well as early stage finance

[16:10] The number of investors looking for a double bottom line is growing, having a social impact as well as being profitable is increasingly important

[17:00] Top three tips on on starting your own business:

  • Talk to people who know that industry or sector
  • Believe in yourself and have the conviction to do it.
  • Find the supports on the way, it can be a lonely journey


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