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Alex Calder, social media specialist and creator of Between Two Ears, talks to us about safaris, storytelling and how to be sound on social media! We talk about common mistakes brands make, what metrics really matter and how to stand out in the infinite scroll.

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Key takeaways 

[4:15] Social media is now more important than traditional advertising

[4:25] The things to think about as a brand on social media: What’s your story, message, tone, and who are you talking to. 

[5:05] We scroll 300 ft on our social media feeds every day, up from 8 ft a year ago. How to stop people scrolling to see your content is hard. 

[8:00] The most common mistakes companies and brands make:

  • Using the personal pronoun in brand communications, it’s very unprofessional
  • Typos – good grammar and perfect spelling are a must
  • Knowing your tone and who you are gives you the parameters to work within

[10:00] To have a good Instagram account you need to curate your posts and post beautiful images on your grid. Instagram stories is where you put things like photos of trade shoes. Stories can have massive reach.

[12:00] Alex’s advice on how to make your Instagram account better:

  • Look at competitors that are doing it well
  • Personal projects can benefit from having an angle or theme
  • Employ a professional photographer to make content if you need to
  • Do filter your images and use the same filters all the time for visual consistency

[14:40] On what metrics should you be measuring, it’s not about followers but about engagement.

[16:10] Micro-influencers often have more engagement than bigger accounts and advertisers often prefer them.

[17.55] Alex’s top tips:

  • Have a story, know your messages, know your tone of voice and who your brand is.
  • Micro-blogging on Instagram works well using long captions. Nurture and create a community. Respond to meaningful comments.
  • Respond to problems, if someone goes public with a problem bring them off the public space and use direct message, email or phone to resolve it. 
  • The more you post the better the algorithms will treat your content. Post once a day or every second day for Facebook and Instagram, Twitter you can do a bit more. Be judicious, don’t just throw anything up.

Most of all, be sound!! Be a nice person online.


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