November 6, 2017 Laura 0Comment

Colin Keogh, engineer, designer and innovator, talks to us about solving problems, why he likes to get stuck into stuff he knows nothing about and what happens when you say yes to everything


Key takeaways

[2:45] Ideas, innovation and people are what solves problems

[4:35] Expert ignorance: Coming into a project that you know nothing about and applying what you’re good at can result in better solutions

[5:00] Use what skills you have, you can always contribute something in someway

[6:20] Hammers see everything as nails

[7:25] Don’t let lack of experience put you off from working in a technical field

[8:10] Real life experience can be more valuable than theoretical knowledge

[16:10] Just say yes to everything

[20:10] You are always only ever one step away from whatever you need

[20:40] Try ideas out quickly. Prototype a product early and get it into people’s hands as soon as possible

[22:10] A major challenge in building a social enterprise is finding a suitable legal structure

[26:05] Investors often invest in the person rather than the idea. It’s all about building relationships

[28:00] Be cautious about taking advice that is offered too freely and unasked for. The advice that is really valuable often comes from people who don’t want to give it

[29:20] Avoiding common startup mistakes:

  • Make a prototype and get it out quickly, don’t spend too long in the thought phase
  • Don’t waste time arguing about ownership in the very early stages of an idea

[32:45] When you have a startup you can afford to undersell yourself or your business. Plant your own flag

[33:40] You need a deadline, don’t get stuck just going from grant to grant

[34:35] If you are no longer interested in an idea, walk away from it

[34:50] Trust your gut


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