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Briony Somers of FRANC Magazine talks to us about mixing business with creativity, disrupting crowded markets and how page views are the subprime mortgages of the internet. 

We discuss how women as a market are misunderstood, the resurgence of print media and the importance of talking about failure.


Key Takeaways

[6:25] There is a deep confusion around businesses targeting women. Fashion is often seen as superficial.

[7:50] Fashion is a 1.7 trillion dollar industry worldwide, the second largest sector of consumer spending in the US under groceries.

[8:40] The best opportunities are found where people say the market is crowded, yet customers are unhappy.

[15:50] Print media is seeing a resurgence as a luxury consumer product in itself.

Page views are the sub prime mortgages of the internet

[22:15] Online content can tend to focus on quantity over quality.

[23:30] It’s about delivering an experience and connection for people.

[30:05] Business and creativity have always gone hand in hand, you get into difficulties when they aren’t aligned and come into conflict.

[35:00] On maintaining the vision:

  1. Ground yourself in the moment and the joy of what your’re doing
  2. The feedback you get from customers is very inspiring and hard to walk away from

[38:50] Gilded Failure: people talk about failure but skip over it very quickly to a following success.

[39:35] Sometimes it’s important to do something for its own sake not just for what you think it’ll give you.


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