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Jim Hughes, founder and CEO of Innovate, talks to us in our first Founder Friday fireside chat at The Hatch Lab. We chat about surviving recession, creating a positive work culture and planning for growth.

Key Takeaways

[7:00] A lot was learned from the recession, like how to be efficient and innovative.

[9:00] Business strategy is built on four pillars: your financial objectives, value proposition, business processes and how you drive organisational capacity into your business.

[11:45] Building relationships is about relating to people and connecting with them.

[12:50] Positive work cultures come from the top. It needs honesty on a consistent basis.

[14:15] You have to recruit primarily on character and a set of values. Diversity is also hugely important in an organisation.

[17:30]  The one thing that determines a business’ success is good management.

[21:47] Resilience comes from challenges you’ve faced in other areas of your life.

[22:52] Have a growth mindset – the ability to be able to take on failures, understand where you made the mistake, learn from it and move forward from it.

[23:20] If you’re not making mistakes you’re not learning.

[23:20] Don’t wait for the perfect situation to make a decision. Make the decision and move on.

[25:15] Three pieces of advice for new entrepreneurs: surround yourself with great people, listen to your customer, be true to yourself.


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