October 30, 2017 Laura 0Comment

Lewize Crothers, founder of the online platform ExitEntry, chats to us about how not having a tech background shouldn’t stop you from starting a tech based business, the importance of listening to your customer and what investors are really looking for.

Key takeaways

[1:10] Outside interests, teamwork, communication and leadership skills are as important to multinationals as academic results and qualifications when employing graduates

[7:30] Its not about the obstacles but how you look at the skills you have

[9:50] When you get out of your comfort zone and talk to people, incredible things will happen

[10:37] Everything is possible, it’s about having the drive and belief

[12:10] Asking the right questions and being a good listener is key

[13:40] At the beginning it’s about getting out there, speaking to people and building your network

[15:05] Tell the world about your idea because it will become nothing without people  knowing about it

[16:40] Everyone has good ideas but it’s all in the execution

[18:35] Investors look at the founder and the team more than the idea

[19:00] You need to surround yourself with people better than you

[19:45] When building your team, find people with the same vision, who will be there long term, add value and have expertise that you don’t

[26:40] Lewize’s top three tips for startups:

  • Listen to your customers and know who they are
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Look at your competition and what they are doing


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