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Ciara Sheahan and Ian Walsh from Seymour 360 Photography talk to us this week about the power of VR technology, from disrupting the property market to changing the lives of kids with autism. We talk about the challenges of being first to market, dealing with the slow no and the importance of listening in business.

Key takeaways

[3:00] Began with presenting properties for sale using 360 degree photography which developed into using it for venues such as pubs and restaurants, for weddings and other events.  

[7:20] The challenges of being ahead of the curve include having to educate your customers about the technology and what it can do. Have to be an evangelist.

[11:25] You have to believe in your own insanity. 

[17:15] To get through the dark days, do one small positive thing every day. Celebrate the little victories.

[20:35] VR and 360 photos saves memories and moments in time, will allow us to be with our loved ones and relive memories long after they are gone.

[27:40] VR gives insight into and help sufferers of alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It is also being used to help autistic children feel calmer. 

[38:55] Ciara’s three tips: Believe in yourself, be realistic, think about the person on the other end of the phone or table. It’s not about’s about how you can help them thrive. Address your product in terms of their needs.

Everything in life is a sale

[39:55] The key word in business is “listen”. If you’re talking you can’t listen.

He who holds the silence holds the power

Dont be afraid to ask for the order or to charge for the order. Dont undervalue your proposition


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